Begin with a shot, make your life “The top”

#Photooftheblog-Day 1

Hello Guys , Good morning!

Hope you got up smiling this morning , I think you should! Why? Well, I tell  you only one word to understand why (there are other ones but this one summarizes all them) : LIFE. We received life as a GIFT , an amazing gift and sometimes we don’t completely appreciate that as we should. Today you  probably got up in a house , with your family or alone , you had breakfast, you used water to wash yourself and you breathed.You breathed? Yes , you did! You can BREATHE and this is not a small gift! We surely should be grateful for the actions I told you before (because they are not granted to every person) but mostly we should be grateful for the last one, because thanks to oxygen and to our amazing body we can begin our life and make this one worth living with every action we do! We received a so important present as life and we can’t afford to throw it out waisting our time in something we don’t want to do.That’s the reason why I decided to share my emotions trough photos. That’s my passion and I hadn’t discovered that since I was 16. And now I am still 16, so I’m telling you something I just figured out . Yes, I took some photos before too but not in the right way, with the right love. Then , one day of June, I was in my house in Italy , spending my time reading school summer books.I left aside my book ( because i didn’t like that) , I took my motorcycle and I started driving around my village , trying to discovering some new places between the hills. 5 minutes away home, I found out a breath taking view of my village near the lake and I took a photo. Just in that singles moment something happened in my mind and I decided to turn my  daily life around following this new hobbie…And in a short time, photography has become my passion. In that occasion I realized two main things :LIFE’S AN EVERYDAY GIFT, it’s only up to you finding what everyday it offers you and PASSION is not something you can look for but something you can feel inside, maybe just for an istant or a day, but arising from the deepest part of your HEART.

I’m glad to have the opportunity to share my feelings and moments with you and I’d like to know more about your life! So if you have one , write your passion in the comments ! Just let us know what’s your passion and how you discovered/were influenced by that!

My blog is new and I need your opinion about my articles and every comment welcomes!

Goodbye friend!

P.s. Second tip I used to improve my life relationship and my mood : Always say HELLO to somebody who you know. That’s a magic word! Believe me!





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