Love’s reflection is in our photos as in our life…

IMG_20160825_212358.jpgGood Afternoon friends!

Today I’d like to share with you a small article about the MEANING of this photo above! Well, I start telling you that taking and editing this photo was absolutely not easy for me: I think taking this photo was the hardest thing in my young photography life (And remember: I’m photographer only since May but, now that photography is my passion, my goal is to had also other photos more difficult to be taken). Why? This shot, as you probably recognized, was taken in London about 2 months ago , on the top of “The Monument”. I love London and it’s the best town I’ve ever seen since I’m alive! It’s a mix of cultures, passions, jobs, arts …It’s the city I’d like to work and live in! However to reach the top of the ancient building I went up for 300 and more stairs and, arrived on the landscape view, I found out 3 things : 2 possible obstacles (NOT IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT) and 1 wonderful thing. Let’s start with the POSITIVE one ( beacause I love to be positive, even if sometimes it’s really hard) : The View , but mostly the greatness of this one. As you can see in the photo I could see the complete East area  of City of London but the thing you can’t see is that , given that The Monumet is circular , I could see not only the East side but all ones! That was incredible! I can’t describe what I was feeling inside! It was such a big dream for a younger photographer like me! By the way I told you about the 2 obstacles : One was the wind ( really strong at that height) and the second one was the mesh that was covering (for safety) all the circular place! I was worried ( I mean : I couldn’t lose that opportunity) and I didn’t know how to do : the camera was too big to take photos through the mesh’s holes and the wind too dangerous for my little treasure ( the camera πŸ™‚ )  . But I didn’t give up: I took my mobile (with the small-sized lens) and I put it on a small corner shelp(probably used to stabilize the mesh), tieing it with the backpack’s strap! It all sounds crazy but it worked ! I was able to take the photo without lose my mobile or ruining the photo style! As you can see the mobile didn’t have the same definiton of my camera but sometimes we had to CHANGE WAY and go out of traditional scheme to satisfy and follow our passion! And that’s what I learned! Then, at home, I decided to edit this photo to make her from good to special! But special for who? For my followers or the people? No! But SPECIAL for me! Yes, people can appreciate your ideas and maybe understand the deepest meaning of your pics, but they can’t if you are not the first to put your energy , your creativity and your love in what you are representing. I tried my best to show my emotions on this pic: the admiration I got for London landscape, the memories I lived there but mostly the love I got for my passion and for London’s people(the small percentage I knew). All these thing represented by a visual heart on the thames… Maybe people can judge this photo as unreal but only you can show them how this photo actually isn’t! Because a picture is real just if you are able to show perfectly your true FEELINGS through that!

And this is real for every passion and every art! Give LOVE ,receive LOVE!

Thank you Guys! Enjoy your afternoon!

P.s. Third tip: make something creative, impress and GO OFF THE GRID!



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