“Hey Nature! Thank you!”


Welcome again friends! How are you? Are you enjoying your last days before school’s start or you have already begun to work after the summer break?Yesterday I focused myself on this picture and I realized that it has to me more meanings that I thought. Today I will share with you only 3 of these, the ones I liked most and that are more important to me. As you can see, the photo was taken on the beach, particularly in Sardinia (an Italian Island) and there’s a heart in its middle that “slips” to the sea. This image remembered me how much I love to be lying down there alone, listening to waves’sound and just thinking about my life or my experiences. It doesn’t seem but every time we think alone about our experiences we LEARN something about us, something that we can’t learn while we are with other people or when other people tell us their or our facts. Sea is extremely RELAXING to me and water too (so often, while I am at home, I go to my lake and I do the same). The second meaning I’d like to tell you is my love for nature. Nature is a gift, maybe the most important after Oxigen, and very often we don’t realize how many times it partecipates in our life and how it can help us. And I’m not telling only about the biggest benefits like oxigen, water, energy etc… I’m refering about the SMALL THINGS that we don’t appreciate as we should. Which? Nature’s sounds (water, trees, air, animals (they are nature too, aren’t they? ;))), nature’s colours and movements (visual experiences can change our mood, believe me), nature’s fragrances ( how many plants and flowers smell good? A lot I think!) and nature’s taste ( everything we eat comes from nature! I’m feeling better when I eat, don’t you?). If we put together all these things in our daily routine, I think they will really change us (mostly relaxing us and making us FEELING BETTER)! And I’m not telling you have to go to the sea or mountains or special places…You can stay just in your garden or in a near park or field just for a walk. That’s EASY and for me it worked a lot! The last meaning of this photo is the maximum relevance that nature has in my passion’s development ( and I think in every people ones). Without nature, photography couldn’t exist and so i couldn’t have a passion…There’s no more to say I think 😉 I’m LUCKY and we are lucky! Could you imagine Art without nature? Or books? Or sports? Think about it! I learned that the more we APPRECIATE nature, the more we LIVE. That’s not only a time issue ! The matter is how we benefit everyday of what we have around and how much we are able to admire that.

Thanks guys for reading and thanks for the affluence on my blog! I really need your support and your opinions! Enjoy your day!

P.s. An other tips? Do FEW things with passion instead of lots without it…


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