School’s started: how to deal with passions?


Good Evening Guys!

Today I started my 4th year of scientific high school and I was a little bit worried about my new year and how to deal with mates, teachers but mostly with my passion’s parallel life!

I figured out that’s (obviously) harder taking photos during school year because I don’t have lot of free time, I can’t go out often because I’m too tired and sometimes I can’t think about new ideas for my pics. I mean : I’m only 16 , it’s difficult to give myself some goals and respect it ! And I think it’s even more difficult for adults who are working every day and maybe have to think to their own families! I know you are often in my same situation… So I decided that’s the time to get myself in the game and challenge me : “Luca, you must have free time (for photos, swimming and other ones) at least 3 days a week, increasing if you can” . Wow, it will be really hard! (Just the first day of school I got 6 hours (3 at school, normally 5,+ 3 at home(that can be 5 too in the hardest moments)) dedicated to studies). But I can! I must! I have to develop my passion every single day I’m in the conditions to do it! I’m young and full of energies, I have no excuses! Yes, school is important but It CAN’T STOP my other life and my passion! And I think, no I’m sure, jobs or school can’t stop you! And a good way to continue growing your hobbies/passions up is to CHALLENGE yourself! So, Do it! Time flies! The more is difficult, the more you will be able to face problems in your life and follow your life’s route!

Tell me how you are challenging yourself! Byeee

4th tips : If you can do something more (for others, for yourself, at work etc.), DO IT!

P.S. I put this photo in the article because in my opinion it represents my difficult walk through this intense and hard school’s year. I must overtake rocks (obstacles) to reach the mountain (end of the year) walking through a long and tortuous path (conciliate school and passions). Hope you like it! ❀


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