Family, I LOVE YOU…

I LOVE YOU“… Lot of times I heard this little sentence and lot of times I answered “I love you too”. Whether I heard those words from dad or mum, grandad or grandmum, uncle or aunt, I feel like I’ve always partially understood their meaning… For years I took that for granted and I was wrong. Maybe I was too young to understand but I’m happy now to be able to spend some words about that. My father and mother have always been working all day and It was difficult to me, still very young, to appreciate the efforts they made to carry the family on. But now I can think how was hard to them! And now I would have liked to appreciate 100 or 1000 times more their efforts and their love! Right now I know that in 3 easy words is hidden the most amazing feeling that they can have for me! Every day I want to HUG them because they are part of me and I’m part of them and there’s something so wonderful in every family that’s more than simply love : it’s a CONNECTION started when parents got married and continued with the son’s birth and that resists every minute of our life! It’s pure brotherly love! Something indescribable. And when you discover that something, you can totally be GRATEFUL for every second you are in this life! Grateful not only for your life, but for every smile, every hug, every sweet and deep word, every advice that helped us to grow up, every gift or every effort and mostly for every single GESTURE that allow us to live everyday. I don’t believe we could ever be THANKFUL enough to our parents and our whole family but I know we can admire our loved ones and try to give them our best love and our best emotions! Because, as in every circumstance,  the more love is given, the more love is received…I will often repeat this sentence in my articles because I think is the most important key to live well with everyone.If you agree with this, please hug someone of your family right now! You’ll be feeling better!
Good evening readers! Hope you have had a good first part of week and hope you’ll have an even better second one! I’m missing your comments! Please if you want, leave just a word or a mood because I need my blog’s friend to partecipate! The comparison is very important for a writer! 😉 Enjoy your evening! Love you guys!

P.s. 5th tips: be always KIND with everyone, even with people you wouldn’t like to 🙂


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