Passion is the way we should live…

Good Afternoon friends!

Everyday we are always busy in lots of activities such as work, sport, cook, follow our tasks and others. We practice them normally, maybe without even thinking about that… We are often tired, angry, fed up and, at evening, we just want to go to bed and close our day, waiting for something to change the next one… Well, I’ve recently tried (about 2 weeks ago) to do all my daily things with a little more passion than other days, trying to DISCOVER something new in every action I did and trying to practice them smiling. I thought it would have changed anything and that I would have never done the routine things I didn’t like smiling…But I tried!And it worked! I figured out that if we try to get into our normal activities with a little more passion, our life is constantly IMPROVING and it is dramatically destined to change in a BETTER way. The first day of my challenge, I started getting up SMILING and singing trying to think that It was morning and I was alive (I WAS ALIVE!!),in good health condition and I had the opportunity to go to school (that’s not granted for everyone)! I told myself: “Come on, Luca! You have a life and smiling it’s the best way to live that one!”. At school I began to say hello more frequently, to smile again, to understand something more about what I was studying instead of just reading and normally learning, to interact with my friends, to appreciate every comment or every gaze they made on me because humans are happier when they appreciate little things! And these little and simple things totally transformed my living way! And I think we should all do the same, starting from admiring little gesture and little pleasures that life offers us! Every hug is important because it shows fondness, everyone’s opinion is to consider and respect because we live in society, every time It’s sunny we should be happy for the energy and the ottimism It transfer us! There are many small things, maybe normal for us that aren’t for other people! And if we put our PASSION in the action of learning why these little actions, movements, gestures are important for us and how they can help us during our daily routine, we live better! Believe me! But It’s up to us to find them and took them with a huge smile who fills up our hearts! We could apply the word passion in everything we do : we are APPASSIONATE to our studies, we have a passion for something (mine is photography), we say hello with passion but mostly WE LIVE WITH PASSION! Without passion for everything we do and for everything we had, our life is like dead , without meaning and without soul! We have to appassionate to life and we must use passion in our one! We can live just one time and the words TIME and PASSION are linked as no other ones are! SO LET’S GO! APPASSIONATE YOURSELF!

Thanks Guys for following my blog! I really appreciate your support and your comments and I’m really happy to hear you! I hope you’ve spent a nice weekend and I wish you a fantastic week! Goodbye friends! Love you!!

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