Make your weak points your strong ones!

Weak points? Strong points? What do they even mean? I do not know it and I think you too.Why? Because they don’t exist.

Okay, I know now you’re thinking about my headline and then my first 2 lines and they are rebutting each others. And now I will explain you what I supposed to write about today.       Do you remember when at school you felt down because you weren’t good at playing football or volleyball? Or you couldn’t have many friends because you were too much shy and you were always put aside? Maybe you were luckier than me but I can remember.             I was always out of games, I felt very bad mostly because I didn’t blame myself but only my physical aspect and my tics (some uncontrollable movements I make in different parts of my body). I was always complaining about them, always overthinking about my weak points. I was waisting time. How I realized it? It was difficult but I did it. How? Just watching inside me and people around me and not outside. Is It not true that when we pay attention just to our body and to our manners, we observe them in friends and parents too? Example: to whom it’s never happened to go to school ( I often use school in my articles because it’s still my most frequented place) and watching his friend while thinking ” oh my god, He’s very well-built, It would be a dream to me to be like him” and you just felt depressed for this little things… So I just tried to make the opposite reasoning ” If I fell well in my heart and in my mind, I can better analyse my friend’s mind and give myself the opportunity to feel appreciated by them and to appreciate them too!” It’s not easy, you have to take some relax moments to look yourself inward and to understand other people’s desires and fragilities. But when you try to do it, you quickly can see the first results…                                                                                                                                               This way my life began to change ; and I was able to find new friends (and I found the best ones I could desire, I swear), to be happier, to enjoy my everyday life in its smallest moments and incredibly my physical aspect was renovated too (our amazing body it’s an amazing machine, you can just smile once more and change an entire day). And only now, after lots of improvements, I can say that there’s no difference between weak and strong points, this distinction doesnt’exist! You are just yourself with your imperfections and qualities but nobody said you can’t transform imperfections to qualities! It’s up to you. You know yourself better than me. You are good at smiling? Do it! You are happy when you sing? Don’t waist time! You are bad at cooking? Don’t worry, create something new, put your heart in everything you do, help others, support who’s cooking and give him more reasons to trust you and to feel you closer ( just an hug can make the difference!) Transform every moment when you feel weak and worried in a moment you can remember, when you did your best, when you passed from the weak person to the strongest one, the one everyone would like to have as friend or helper! Give joy, give your heart! Start from the idea you’ve not weak points, you have only lots of qualities that sometimes have to be brought again to their best! And you can change your life! Now! Only with two particular objects : your MIND and your HEART!

Having said that,  I wish you all, lovely readers, an AMAZING 2017, a fantastic year which will bring love, joy and tenderness in your house, families and life! I thank you all for the support you gave me throughout this year and I hope my articles could make you live some better moments in your life!




P.s. I put that image beacuse I think mountains are symbol of peace and interior joy…


6 thoughts on “Make your weak points your strong ones!

  1. Luca, sono veramente orgogliosa di te e della maturitá che hai… e come dici bene, quelle cose che pensavi che fanno diverso sono le cose che ti fanno speciale e molto piú forte degli altri. Sei meraviglioso e solo quelli che hanno una personalitá speciale, potranno scoprire il tesoro che cè dentro di te ❤ Julia

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